The power of an explainer video is that it can change how people connect with a product. A study conducted in 2020 into the effectiveness of explainer videos found that the explainer videos influenced 84% of new buyers. This helps to explain why they are now the most popular choice for marketing videos.

An explainer video is a short film whose aim is to tell how something works in a simple, engaging manner. They are typically used to demonstrate a product’s benefits and boost its sales or sign-ups.


VideoCreek is a cloud-based video editor that creates intros and trailers for video content. It also facilitates the creation of animated videos with its various tool kits and templates.

Though the creators of this website are not known, VideoCreek was created by a team of individuals dedicated to providing affordable video intro creators.

My experience with VideoCreek was bliss. I needed no prior knowledge, with step-by-step explanation, making it easy.

Key Features:

VideoCreek has cloud-based infrastructures with in-built templates.

It does not require any software installation and can be accessed anywhere.

The software offers various essential tools for quickly adding animations to videos.

Pros of VideoCreek

An intuitive user interface that all can use, providing step-by-step guidance for users.

Template Varieties leave users spoilt for choices to work with.

Expansive Audio library with more than 1300 audios to choose from.

Preview while editing so there’s no missing out on details while editing.

Pricing Plans


Videocreek provides a quality video creation platform. It has easy-to-use templates and multiple customization options. With the help of this software, one can easily create and edit videos without breaking the bank.


InVideo is a do-it-yourself (DIY) video creation platform that instantly lets creators turn their thoughts into videos. It has more than 4000 custom-built templates and millions of royalty-free video images.

InVideo allows users to incorporate voiceovers and includes automated text-to-speech functionality. Its easy-to-use platform allows users to create, edit, preview, and share videos.

The intuitive platform offers even novice tools needed to make beautiful videos.

InVideo was initially founded by Sanket Shah, Pankit Chheda, and Harsh Vakharia in 2017 as a video suit. It has evolved into a state-of-the-art video creation platform sought after by many graphic designers in the creative world.

My sweetest experience with InVideo is how it allows video creation from scratch, converting static content into videos, and adding voiceovers even in my native language.

Key Features:

Creating Storyteller videos

Storyteller videos are perfect accompaniments to blogs and long posts. They can be used as a quick presentation of mentioned products or as a post summary.

Media Library

Users get 300 videos per month on the business plan and unlimited videos on the unlimited plan. It also has a vast music library leaving users spoilt for choices.


The platform’s support is promptly averaging five minutes of response time. It listens to its users and responds accordingly.

Advanced Editor

The advanced editor enables every factor to edit the video.


It provides a variety of templates for most social media platforms making it easier to work with them.


Access millions of videos and photo libraries from Storyblock and Shutterstock.

Simple-to-use interface for the novice.

Allows video creation in any language.

Pre-made templates made for different platforms.

Automated text-to-speech.

Ability to upload one’s media.

Pricing Plans


Using InVideo is as simple as child’s play. Users do need a lot of brainstorming to use this platform. All they need is to visit the official site and follow the prompts as guided.


Powtoon is a visual communication platform that enables individuals to create videos and presentations in minutes. It does not require technical know-how to use.

The name is Powtoon is coined from two words: PowerPoint and cartoon.

It allows users to create animated presentations from pre-created templates, images, music, and voice-overs. It also features beautiful scenes, characters and props, and soundtracks.

Over 30 million individuals use Powtoon to interact with their audience. Over 96% of Fortune 500 companies use it, showing how versatile and practical this app is.

Founded in 2012 by Ilya Spitalnik, Daniel Zaturansky, and Sven Hoffman as a tool for marketers to grab attention, it has become a global visual communication platform used in all facets of life.

I love its versatility; it can be used in all sectors of life, be it business presentations, education materials, product launches, broadcast digital and ads, and explainer videos.

Key Features:

  • Massive library of well-designed templates, scenes, characters, props, millions of music, and videos.
  • Allows developers to upload their media, GIFs, voice-overs, and anything else needed to create amazing videos.
  • Easy integration with other platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.


  • Allows direct posting of video content to social media accounts.
  • Provide extensive storage facilities of up to 100 GB of cloud storage per user.
  • One can quickly remake old videos into new ones faster.
  • Accessible customer care support at all times with 1 hour response time.

Pricing Plans


With Powtoon, users have a field day. Its versatility allows for collaboration across networks, multiple usage, and easy sharing. No wonder it has grown exponentially, with offices in multiple towns worldwide. Check it out.


Animaker is an online-based video-making software tailored to help creators make videos and animations. It generates custom-made characters with unique facial features and voice-overs, creating complex animations. This application also allows users to incorporate subtitles to the videos and watermark their content. A vast media library with thousands of videos and images is available to the users too.

Animator enables creators to import materials like branded logos and images into the platform to work with and customize their creations into their desired state. Text-to-speech converters are available, supporting multiple languages.

Animaker was founded in 2014 by RS Raghavan, coining the name from animation and maker. Animaker became the first platform to create an animated vertical video in 2017.

What stood out for me with Animaker compared to other brands is its flexibility and the incredible variety of available resources, all in a single place. Customer support is also on point, with prompt responses to queries.

Key features

Extensive facial features

Animaker provides over 20 facial features making characters come to life.

Auto lip-sync

allows the creators to record voice-overs and then watch the characters say the exact words, auto lip-sync doing the heavy work.

Live video editing

Allows selection of videos, uploading, and editing all in one place. Animaker allows the production of videos of up to 4k resolution.

Content Watermark

Allows creators to stamp their signature watermark on their works, preventing copyright infringement.


Intuitive User Interface

A User-friendly interface adopting drag and drop makes animation creation and presentation easy and fast, even for newbies.

Variety of Design Options

Animaker has a variety of props, characters, and video design tools for users to pick from when creating videos.

Character Creation and Customization

There are lots to choose from, from facial expressions, gestures, costumes, and scenery.

Extensive Media Library

Animaker has the most comprehensive media library with music, videos, images, and icons for users to choose from e freely.



Animaker stands out as a DIY, high-quality video-making platform. It provides many resources and tools to help creators at their work. Payment terms are also flexible and affordable, even allowing one to start for free before committing to a payment plan. It also allows creators to stamp their works with watermarks, giving them a sense of security.


Vyond, formerly known as GoAnimate, is a cloud-based intuitive video editing platform offering training and support to individuals with any skill level to create moving media. It can build character-driven stories that are compelling beyond just texts and images.

It is one of few platforms with fundamental life-like lip-synching capabilities and actual character actions like waving, jumping, bike riding, cart pushing, etc. It offers more than 1600 character actions.

Founded as GoAnimate in 2007 by Alvin Hung, it has since become an in-house video software of choice for more than 14000 companies worldwide because of its quality and availability of multiple resolutions in MP4 and GIFs.

My experience using it was its versatility with customizable characters from virtually all sectors. From grocery stores to medical labs and many more in the middle.

Key features

Enterprise-level security complies with many organizations’ security requirements.

It is built for teams, enabling developers working on a single project to collaborate on the same page.

Control over the content created, easy to use on any platform the developer desires.


It is easy to create animated videos with little learning.

Provision of lots of characters and props used in video production.

Security for clients’ projects building confidence in their ability.

Pricing Plans


Vyond is a versatile platform refined over time, clearly built for businesses and enterprises. Its character creator feature stands it out from the crowd.


Moovly is an online platform where users create and edit video content. It is geared towards the production of marketing videos which can be easily shared on websites and various social media sites, and explainer videos for educational purposes.

It has a simple interface with a straightforward layout that is easy to understand and work with. There’s even a simple tutorial to walk you through the intricacies of using its templates.

Moovly was founded in 2013 by Brendon Grunewald and Geert Coppens, aiming to simplify and make affordable video animation and production.

My experience using it was to appreciate its simplicity and straightforwardness. It has the best for money with all the media formats on offer. The inexpensive pricing favors small businesses, and with a constant addition of content, it can only grow better.

Key Features


It has a perfect platform for building or importing infographics where they can be animated with a pop-up effect.

Banner and skyscraper templates

It has excellent templates for skyscraper and banner ad productions without requiring a professional.

Digital Assets

Moovly has over 500,000 royalty-free media available to users.


  • The interface makes it easy to import content on the go.
  • Exporting content to various social media sites is straightforward.
  • Most features are accessible from the pro subscription and are available during free trials.
  • Has 1GB upload storage space available.

Pricing Plans


Moovly provides the best user-friendly templates with the help button on the side. It’s cheap and affordable for up-and-coming enterprises to utilize and maximize their presence in the social media circle. Except for the extreme variation in the pro and enterprise charges, Moovly offers a good service.


Renderforest is an online video animation software designed to help individuals utilize its built-in templates to create broadcast-quality videos, websites, logos, and graphics.

Creators can customize the templates by adding more components to create interactive websites from scratch. They can also utilize machine-learning-enabled tools to automatically design logos just based on a company and brand description.

Founded by an Armenian Narek Safaryan in 2015, targeting to reach new startups, it is now a favorite platform for DJs, photographers, journalists, students, and their teachers.

I love its unique quality products, affordable prices, and individual approach its platform offers.

Essential Features

High-quality videos that are unrivaled.

1-click video publishing to various social media platforms.

We have a licensed music collection for video usage.

Thousands of royalty-free video footage with an online video editor for use.


A great variety of props, characters, scenery, and content with an easy-to-use platform results in beautiful videos.

Everything is available online and accessible at all times. Developers do not need to install them.

User-friendly interface that is intuitive to understand. It can be used even by a novice.

Pricing Plans


Renderforest, an Armenian startup, is an automated, all-in-one, versatile platform employing even machine-learning techniques. This stands out, especially in a country where such tech is not expected.


RawShorts is an online animated video-making platform offering various capabilities for industries and motives. It can create a trainer, marketing, and explainer video. It also has a wide range of objects to be utilized by creators, and amazingly, each object has an in-built animation. These objects can be seamlessly added to any templates available for users.

What stands out RawShorts apart from the competition is its flexible payment plans. The pay-per-export plan is ingenious. Users still have access to all the benefits enjoyed by regular subscribers.

Key features

Lots of Templates

Hundreds of ready-made templates are available, separated by categories, easy to use, sometimes requiring minimal alterations like adding texts and branding, then ready to export.

Drag and Drop Capabilities

The drag-and-drop tool simplifies customization by allowing objects, characters, and soundbites to move seamlessly to any template.

Hire Talented Talent

personnel for hire who can fully customize any video to the client’s liking and taste at any stage of video development.


RawShorts application carries premade templates with scenes, soundbites, and characters on a larger scale and wider varieties. Drag and drop makes manipulations easy too.

Creators pay per export rather than the monthly subscription and still have unlimited access to all the contents available, ensuring value for money.

Exporting and sharing completed videos to various social media sites is easy and fast.

Pricing Plans


RawShorts platform is the easiest to use, with the most flexible payments. It even allows exports of free videos, albeit with its watermark. It’s the best platform for up-and-coming creators.


Biteable is a cloud-based video-making and editing solution which enables businesses to create videos for promotion and advertising in-house. It has made it possible to merge images, videos, and animations into one thing. Organizations can also add their watermarks, logos, texts, and audio to their created content to their satisfaction.

It was founded in 2014 by James MacGregor, Simon Westlake, and Tommy Fotak, whose motivation was to create a space where even non-professionals could create videos and animations good enough to be used in promotions. This would help lower the costs of production incurred.

Biteable has a simplicity that attracts both small organizations and Fortune 500 conglomerates. Its unique and attractive templates ensure there’s some for all, whether small or big.

Essential Features

Intuitive Templates

It offers users a quick way to add and edit various elements, incorporating imported elements and customizing them to create a beautiful creation.

Access to over 1.8 million media.

It is a very versatile platform where anything thought of can be created. Similar items are segmented together to make access easy.


New media is added every month.

Easy video conversions for social media platforms.

Provision of ready-made templates.

Affordable pricing.

Pricing Plans


Biteable makes it easy for anyone to create beautiful and quality content reasonably quickly. Its ease of use shines when you start using its templates. At the pricing plan, it is very cheap.


Flexclip is a beginner-friendly cloud-based video editor software. It is trendy, with over 7 million people using it. It has over 800,000 subscribers and over 1,000,000 downloads.

Flexclip pre-made templates make creating videos very easy and quick. Its partnership with various media sites ensures a constant supply of new content to be used by its subscribers.

Founded in 2019 by PearlMountain, it has grown in popularity quickly because of its suitability to any user, affordability, and fun to use.

Its popularity intrigues me, being a relatively new venture. Its free-for-life feature is its game changer, attracting all manner of users. It is also one of the most user-friendly platforms.

Best Features:

Customer Support

comes via email and live chats on the dashboard.

Video Conversion and Compression

Tools are available on the site, accepting various video formats and resolutions.

Template Selection

Vast collections of templates organized under various categories for ease of access and use. There are even social media templates.


Modern and straightforward interface easing access and use.

Thousands of templates to choose from and work with are readily categorized.

Web interface that allows access from any device, including mobile.

Pricing Plans


Flexclip is very affordable and beginner friendly. Being cloud-based, no space is occupied in the users’ devices. It can also be accessed from any device.


Videoscribe is a cloud-based intuitive software for creating whiteboard animations and explainer videos. It makes a video that looks like it’s drawn by hand. This happens with a voice-over explaining what is going on as the video progresses.

The software can be downloaded offline as a downloadable desktop app or an online browser tool, with cloud support to access your work anywhere.

VideoScribe was developed by Sparkol in the UK and launched in 2012. By the year 2022, it had reached 190 countries of the world.

This fantastic application piqued my mind as the most engaging as it is very good at capturing attention, with the videos appearing hand-drawn.

Key Features

Offline Access

This software can be downloaded and used offline.

Video Exports

Creations can be exported in various forms, including MOV, GIF, and MP4.

Customizable Templates

Allows users to add customized media to existing templates via a drag-and-drop interface. Videos can also be personalized by adding logos, watermarks, colors, and fonts for a unique identity.


Allows exportation in several different formats and to multiple platforms.

Has an intuitive user interface.

Has a variety of customization options.

Very competitive pricing.

Pricing Plans


Using VideoScribe is painless and easy. Its simple editor is surprisingly powerful, and the interface is clean and clutter-free. It takes effort to learn and use.


Doodly is a drag-and-drop animation program for creating whiteboard videos that appear hand-drawn. It also utilizes point-and-click functionality to draw images for blackboard, glass board, and green board animations.

The interface is designed to be intuitive, allowing users to create professional videos without prior editing knowledge.

Drag and drop feature also allows importing media and texts into the videos. The timeline feature makes editing and arranging these elements within the video easy.

My experience was marvelous; it catches attention and is inspiring once one is into it.

Key Features

Easy to use drag and drop features.

Ability to record and use voice-overs and text-to-speech capabilities.

Offers hand-drawn sketch styles and a variety of animation options.

Compatible with both Windows and Mac devices.


Easy to use interface for everyone.

Ease of importing and customizing media and use.

High-quality videos of up to 1080p

Thirteen hand styles, including left hands.

30-day money-back guarantee for new subscribers.

Pricing Plans

Doodly has two pricing plans:


Doodly is an excellent platform for newbies who want to get their hands on video creation. Its rich library and readily available hands-on tools will surely get you to the finish line.

A 30-day full refund policy is also a drawer.


Wideo is an online web-based animated video-creating platform built for digital agencies and professionals in the marketing field.

It has readily available tools to help create videos quickly and customize them to one’s liking. One can either use a recorded video or animate one.

Wideo offers video management where users can save their videos in folders and share them with colleagues.

It also offers a privacy control feature allowing the monetization of videos for resale to clients.

The system integrates with third parties platforms like Cliengo, Crehana, Voicebunny, and Unsplash.

Wideo was founded by Agu De Marco, Agus Esperón, and Fer Sabre in 2012, motivated by a need to have a simple explainer video.

My experience using Wideo is positive. The ability to save my made videos as templates are impressive, as this saves time for my subsequent work.

Key Features

Videos created from scratch are saved as templates for future reference.

An intuitive editor allows one to observe the progress while continuing with creation.

Videos created can be shared from the Wideo dashboard to social media sites and clients or colleagues.


Wideo provides 75 ready-to-use templates for various purposes, such as explainer videos.

Users maintain complete control of the creation process and decide the nature of the videos.

Helps brands increase their content creation and online presence

Sharing videos to social media sites is easy and direct from Wideo’s dashboard.

Pricing Plans


Wideo offers an attractive package for its users, autonomy over the creation process, and privacy on the created videos. This is good as one can easily monetize their work. Third-party collaboration also ensures there’s a constant supply of new media.


Magisto is an online video editing platform created to streamline and simplify video creating and editing processes and more within a centralized platform. It’s intuitive, easy to use, and exploits artificial intelligence in video making, transforming simple videos into unique short films.

Magisto can be used on PC and mobile devices, supporting iOS and Android devices. The app can be downloaded for free into mobile devices.

It also supports the hosting and sharing video content across different third-party sites. Videos are optimized for social media sites and can be shared directly from Magisto.

Magisto was founded in 2009 as SightEra by Dr. Oren Boiman as the CEO and Dr. Alex Rav Acha as CTO. It later launched as Magisto in 2011 as a video editing platform where users can professionally edit their videos.

Key Features

It has auto-editing capabilities.

Facial recognition and auto-cropping capabilities.

Ability to edit individual scenes and redistribute things to make them perfect.

Integration of mobile access.


AI-powered editing, making the process easy, fast, and reliable.

Mobile devices can also have a Magisto app that’s straightforward to use.

Hosting and content distribution is easy.

Access to iStock photos and Vimeo accounts.

Pricing Plans


Magisto’s ability to utilize mobile technology in its systems is a significant advantage, and the app is available for free download enabling many to reach it. It also offers attractive pricing that’s affordable to the majority. Incorporating AI, too, is a big plus.


Mysimpleshow is an online platform dedicated to making explainer videos. The videos are famous for drawing simple sketches on a whiteboard using a pair of hands on a whiteboard.

It makes these videos in simple, easy steps using an AI-driven Explainer engine that allows automatic video creation after stating the requirements and parameters for the engine to follow.

Voice-overs are generated from the scripts written. The engine can identify image requirements from the keywords used in the script.

The company was founded in 2008 by Jens Schmelzle and Adrian Thoma. A client asked for a solution to explain a complicated product in three minutes. After three requests from different people, the company was born. It is based in Luxembourg with offices spread over the world.

My experience with Mysimpleshow led me to appreciate how they have perfected their niche; video explainer. They made it so simple with an AI that almost reads your mind.

Key Features

Allows for previews and reviews during creation to ensure everything is correct.

Allows presentations to be done while offline.

It has collaborative tools that can be utilized.

Intelligent Explainer Engine.


Offers specific tools and media desired to create a perfect video for you, as requested.

Previewing and reviewing of work plus a guided workflow help new users get to grips.

It has 16 video templates that it starts working from.

Pricing Plans


Filmora is an online video editing platform for creating whiteboard animation videos. It provides an easy-to-use user platform and resources like an audio mixer, color correction, and many templates.

With Filmora Pro, it is easy to combine texts or graphics to move the points of an object in the video. You can also customize your animations or use motion templates to edit and modify them to suit your needs.

It provides a clean interface for both Mac and Windows devices at an affordable cost comfortable to the user with the annual payment or one-off payment.

My experience using Filmora is positive. The ease of working with it is mind-boggling.

No prior knowledge is necessary, and it works so fast.

Key Features

Auto-Correction helps in achieving perfect color settings for any media.

It allows for verification of changes to give a more consistent look.

Allows masking to hide undesirable video footage elements through custom shapes or presets.


It efficiently edits and animates customizable texts

Easily adjusts highlights, shadows, and mid-tones to enhance the quality of media used.

The built-in screen recorder helps create a video right from your computer.

Pricing Plans


Filmora succeeds because of its balance between simple and advanced features and how to mesh them together. It can meet users’ demand while retaining the old while adding the new, keeping both old and new users satisfied.


Explaindio is an online animation platform helping create 2D and 3D videos.

It is a cost-effective top-of-range video creator suitable for upcoming entities that want their presence felt. Its tools are intuitive and easy to use, letting you create doodles, 2D and 3D animated videos, and whiteboard videos.

Its ability to combine doodles, 2D, 3D, and full-motion clips is a plus to its users.

Key Features

Create animations using frame by frame method.

Preview ongoing works and make corrections before the final product.

Manipulating objects added to the scene.

Can switch to a different interface language.


It offers keyframe animations and built-in transitions.

Has over 140 pre-made videos, over 800 doodle animations, and images.

Play multiple animations at the same time.

Pricing Plans


Explaindio is an ideal platform for media creation. It has many customization options and effects to create beautiful videos.


Kizoa is an online video editor, movie maker, and slideshow creator who allowing users to express themselves with stunning videos they have created. With Kizoa, creating movies by adding photos, videos, texts, effects, and music is easy.

It is also easy to share the creation with just one click and send them to various social media sites.

Users can edit videos using their iPhones. Several video models are available, too, for simplifying video-making tasks.

Kizoa began in 2007 and is currently available in 8 languages.

Key Features

There is a Visitor mode and an accessible mode to familiarize visitors with the services offered.

Easy to make online videos with the drag-and-drop feature.

It is designed with settings for all the details to make a slideshow.

There are advanced backgrounds, intros, and outros.

You can use basic photo editing features to add frames, effects, and filters to photos before importing them to online videos.


Easy to customize most of the details used in photo editing

Multiple resources, including a free media library, transitions, videos, effects, voice-overs texts, GIFs, and music.

Pricing Plans


Kizoa has made sharing videos easy with just one click. It has made photo-sharing fun and life events memorable.

Easy Sketch Pro

is a whiteboard software and platform for making sketch videos in minutes. It equips users with the tools to create sketch videos, doodles, and presentations. Its drag-and-drop feature allows creators to work in minutes.

Texts, images, and videos can be easily incorporated, and voice-overs can be added to the media created. The content generated can be quickly published on social media sites.

What impressed me the most was its one-time payment method. Once one is registered and paid, there is no more subscription headache.

Key Features

Offers professional canvas types to create live sketch videos.

It offers over 50 brushes, crayons, pens, and chalks to meet the specific needs of a campaign.

It comes with hundreds of royalty-free images to achieve the required customization.


Easily export videos in MP4 format to various social media sites.

You can install the software on multiple PCs.

The one-time payment is cost-effective.

It works with both Mac OS and Windows systems.

Pricing Plans


Easy Sketch Pro has value for money. Its one-time payment method is very effective for startups. Unlimited installation into PCs also helps a great deal.


Videomakerfx is a video-making software designed to serve small businesses providing end-to-end solutions for web applications. It offers a variety of animation tools, a media library, and text overlay, all in one place. It enables users to create and edit projects with the many available intelligent apps. It has all the options users may require: whiteboards or explainer style.

Developers are constantly updating and upgrading the platform with new materials, continually to be updated.

Its simplicity is the most attractive factor. One can fully use it even on day one of interaction.

Key Features

A simple and friendly user interface for everyone.

Compatible with both Windows and Mac systems.

Optimizes both online and offline modes.

Careful training and guidance in all steps.


Fully applicable to multiple niches, serving low-end and high-end.

Compatible with every device.

No prior knowledge or experience is needed.

Tutorials are available to help you fully maximize its potential.

Pricing Plans


Though integrated with many apps, VideoMakerFX is very easy to use. The dashboard is neatly arranged in a friendly manner. While it may take time to figure out how some tools work, a ready tutorial will walk you along the way.


MovieTools is an online platform that offers a wide variety of animated high-quality video loops in 4K or HD quality to be used by video creators as backgrounds. One can access their work without an account with them. Creators can as well add graphics, logos, and texts to create a desired background for their contents.

The resultant videos can be shared and posted on social media like YouTube and Instagram.

The loop videos’ design is to play over and over without clicking, and users are not required to install the application.

Key Features

Allows direct video downloading.

You can create a funny repeating video with a few clicks.

Available on both Mac and Windows systems.


Does not need program installation.

Video import is via video link.

Loop clips to 10X.


MovieTools charges apply when downloading videos for commercial use; otherwise, the rest are free but come embedded with their watermark.


MovieTools provides quality loop videos that are simple yet effective. They give a beautiful background to videos.

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